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Get a list of stops based on a query.



The query can be either a search string or a stop code (eg. MTD3121).

The rank field is used to distinguish between the validity of the results. The lower the rank the higher our confidence in the result.

We will attempt to return only meaningful results. In most cases there will only be a handfull of these so in some cases this will mean less results being returned than the count specifies.


key (required) your API key
query (required) a search
count (optional) the number of results you would like to get. can be between 1-100. default is 10
changeset_id (optional) see interpretting responses for more information


code text message code
stop_point stop points that compose a parent stop
percent how closely the the stop matches the query
stop_id id of stop
stop_lat latitude of stop
stop_lon longitude of stop
stop_name name of stop